Our message to Keith Olbermann

Dear Keith,

You asked: Send Me Everything You Can Find About Glenn Beck

We – the French expatriates who live in North America – want to tell you about our experience from 2006-2007, when Glenn Beck said on air how much he “HATED THE FRENCH” – when he was still at Headline News. In seven years of monitoring anti-French attitudes, Glenn Beck is the only media personality to have ever expressed actual HATRED against the French as a people.

Glenn Beck (2006) – Has the world learned anything? I’m convinced the French government is either the biggest group of idiots or they’re constantly drunk off of whatever they’re drinking, their Frenchy French wine. How many times does your country need to be overrun by evil before you finally get it, France?” (…) Glenn Beck – I mean, I don’t know about you, but I’m to a point where I can’t even keep up with all of the reasons I hate the French.” (…)

Thanks again for all your amazing work,
À bientôt notre ami !

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  1. Glenn Beck says a lot of hateful statements against anyone and anything that does not meet his extreme right “mentality” (not sure there is much of a mind there). He jumped on French bashing because it met his anti-govermental thinking. France gave too much authority to the State, and, therefore, must be evil. I remember when Beck was listing the friends and foes of the US, several years ago. France was listed as an enemy and Russia was listed as a friend.
    Keith Olbermann has a ton of material to go after Beck, it’s added to every night. Keith, I think, wants to concentrate on illogic during the past week, not previous weirdness. I think, though, reminding Keith of Becks’ stupidity in the past is always a good idea. You never know when it may prove useful.

  2. Exactly, you never know. Thanks to Philippe for the heads up on this open request from Keith Olbermann. I have been listening to Countdown for a number of years now, often times during the evening and once again via podcast in case I missed anything, I have to say the show is one of the best podcasts out there!

  3. Miquelon :  "It is however a personal attack and does fall under the TOS, I therefore ask it not be used henceforth."

    Aren’t you contradicting yourself?

    First you claimed it was not a personal attack and gave it a free pass for several days .  Now you have banned the usage of that word.  Why is it a personal attack? Because it is anti-semitic..again another contradiction . But anything to serve your purpose. 

    You can go around trying to erase any trace of me to get revenge for daring to point out how insenstive and callous you are when it comes to vilifying of "others" who are not French but it only shows your vindictive nature and lives up to all worst stereotypes of the French.

    Freddy uses hateful stereotyping as "bait" and then wonders why people compare him to Hitler? Doesn’t  he know that Hitler used the same technique..so why complain? If the shoe fits accept it.

    Lastly I don’t believe you developed a sudden sensitivity towards the vilifying of "others" who are not French. Rather it was the fear of having possibliy violated hate laws that sent you scurrying around erasing that word from Freddy’s post.

    You have  proudly complied a list of insensitive comments about the French made by Jay in your blog. Your blog has several insulting and insensitive remarks about the Irish/British/Americans which have been given a free pass by you while claiming to have holier than thou attitudes about "vilifying an entire peoples" .  And you have the nerve to point a finger at Jay when you are no better ?

    The fact that you have banned the usage of that " word " shows I was correct and for that you have to take revenge. How childish and vindictive.  When you become obsessed with your enemies, you become like them.

  4. Marc, Changing the subject a bit, I have a feeling that the issue where the US  nixes the placement of missiles in Poland have upped the France bashing by the Right in the US. I will also note that the articles do not mention the UK’s role in the leadup to WWII.

  5. Thanks, duly noted and will monitor accordingly. On another note, there was a great episode of Rendez-vous avec X about French Bashing during the 60s over De Gaulle supposed and real anti-Americanism, Johnson’s and De Gaulle’s difficult relationship, De Gaulle’s voluntary slight against D-Day veterans etc etc.

    Great Radio from France Inter yet again !

    La taupe du quai d’Orsay – Si Monsieur X revient sur cette affaire, c’est qu’elle illustre clairement l’ambiguïté des rapports que la France a toujours entretenus avec les Etats-Unis. Un mélange de cordialité et de méfiance, d’amitié et de soupçon, traversé régulièrement par des crises : la dernière étant celle ouverte par la décision de Paris de ne pas participer à la guerre en Irak …

  6. It’s already happening. Seen on (where else) FoxNews comments:

    “Polanski is not above the law, he pleaded guilty and now he should pay in prison.The French are a bunch of sissy’s, they protect and accept child molesters and pedophiles, and, as a sidebar, they are spineless cowards who run away from adversity.”

  7. FrancisK,  What else would you hear from such a radical entertainment environment. I seriously doubt such moronic talk would appear on a legitimate Network.

  8. Chris Mathews stood up BIG TIME, I think, against French bashing on his 10/1/09 show on MSNBC. Good for him.

  9. Boy, if I try to quote, I would not be accurate, so, let me summarize:  a House Republican, on the subject of Iran, stated that even the French are standing up to Iran better than President Obama. Mathews responded  that he recognized the snear when mentioning the French with “I am so tired of the Right snearing when it refers to the French. I am so tired of this (cant remember) abuse of the French by the Right. Enough is enough, I never want to ever hear snearing remarks, comments in a snearing manner, about the French again”. I believe that Mathews reinterated his point three times. The House Republican was subdued.
    The video should show up soon (I have no idea how to paste and copy videos).

  10. Chris Mathews stood up BIG TIME, I think, against French bashing on his 10/1/09 show on MSNBC. Good for him.

  11. Glenn Beck : “We’re the young girl saying, ‘No no! Help me!’ and the government is Roman Polanski. In the end I think we’re all going to be cowering in France.”

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