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Update : following the Friday April 3rd monologue by William Maher where jokes were made about the supposed non-cleanliness of the French, we have no choice but to put an immediate end to this endeavour. We sincerely apologize to our community.

While some may not agree with Bill Maher’s libertarian politics, his support for PETA or his anti-religious stance, nobody stood up for France and the French during the era of French Bashing with more force and conviction. Bill Maher took the Republican Party head on and voiced serious and structured criticism of their Anti-French rhetoric.

The “initiative citoyenne” legislation for the Legion of Honor was not designed for foreign citizens, however we believe that using a similar process should be initiated and forwarded to the Ambassador of France in Washington.

To petition the French government, you must be a French citizen. We will need your name, date and place of birth, your postal address and phone number, your consular registration number if applicable. This information will not be shared with anyone except the French government and their consular agents.

More information on the Legion of HonorL’initiative citoyenne

More information on Bill Maher – Wikipedia [fr] – Wikipedia [en] – BillMaher.com

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  1. Controversial is a good thing. Bill thinks, and the challanges that he puts forth makes his audiance think. In his own way, Bill is like Will Rogers of the 1930’s.

  2. I sincerely apologize to all for this, given the circumstances I have no choice but to pull the plug on this project. My deepest apologies to the community.

    If you have any nominees you would like to share with us, please do. I’m thinking of Chris Matthews among others.

  3. My letter to CeCe Yorke, Bill Maher’s Publicist.

    We – at http://www.Miquelon.org – the web’s only website dedicated to denouncing French Bashing, had planned to nominate Bill Maher for the French Legion of Honour.

    We thought this would be a great way to write a final chapter after four years of French Bashing under the previous Administration. French expatriates around the world and in the USA had appreciated Bill Maher’s vocal denouncing of Republican led Anti-French attitudes (Talking points, April 2007).

    We had gathered many signatures and were about to ramp up our campaign when we saw last night’s episode of Real Time.

    Jokes about French non-cleanliness are not only offensive to us, they perpetuate the worst kind of Anti-French stereotypes that flourished since 2003.

    Unfortunately, we have no choice but to shut down our endeavour.
    Yours sincerely,

  4. I disagree with you on this one. Bill was insensetive and should have known better, but, it remains in his style to make his oneliners outrageous enough to be obvious that he is making a joke. Besides, his writers undoubtedly wrote the “joke” line anyway. Besides, I’ve heard make the same slanting jest about Southerners, Native Americans,Russians, Arabs, and Chinese. He always doubles back later with loving appreciation (except for Southerners). Let’s give him a break.

  5. I really like Chris Mathews. He is very smart and does have a positive attitude towards France. The problem is that Chris seems short on knowledge about the facts when it comes to foreind issues like why France did not support the US invasion of Iraq. Until Chris can stand up to conservative and British “experts” who come on his show and outright lie, I would leave him off your list.

  6. Funny – Seriously – I’m trying to get an American Citizen who stood up for us. The symbol is important.


  7. I keep thinking about “WHO” and the years leading up to Iraq through today. I keep concluding that a lot of normally pro-French persons were silenced by the radical right in the US.  The couldn’t respond because the French Embassy didn’t supply people to the CNN, MSNBC, PBS circut who could provide answers. I only saw the French make its’ presence felt on C-SPAN!  I guess that you can not blame  Chris Mathews if the French made no effort to get on his, and others’, shows. If they did, and they were rejected, we should know about it.
    Onced provided some ammo, Chris Mathews could make an excellent choice. But then, if  Bill Maher already has regreated his comments, he will and be still a good choice too.

  8. Give Bill Maher a chance. His original commentary during the height of French-bashing in Washington when it really mattered, is what counts, not his stereotype routine jokes (admittedly that one sucked) that are part of his act. Another American journalist who should be given credit for is Mark Shields. In an episode of CNN’s”Capital Gang”, commentators were asked their views of whether France deserved the flurry of French-bashing that was raging at the time, he simply answered “The French came to our aid when we needed them, and for me that’s good enough”. 

  9. Mark Shields is, flat out, a very nice guy. He is also one of the most honest commentators I’ve seen.

  10. Miquelon is a great webbsite with easy fonts to reference information. It needs to be used more and word of mouth is not enough.  Maybe an ad in the NYT or LAT or on CNN or MSNBC. All these and, of course, the Canadian Networks.
    Anyway, Miquelon should receive recognition for being a pioneer with a lot of courage and common sense.

  11. Oh thanks ! I changed the front page of the site to the documented French bashing I often need to access.

    Advertising is very expensive, I’ve done the research for tourisme and – egads ! Expensive !

    Thanks for your kind words.

  12. Off subject, you need to add to your list of French-bashing resturants the following:
         Tulsa, OK
    Owner detests France and all things French. Still uses “freedom fries” on his menu. For years he played bashing statements on the resturant’s window.

    You could place the Rogers County (OK)  chief judge who stiil wants to “Nuke” Paris on your nut list.

  13. Bill  Maher must get his reward,he is one   ” Hell” of a guy, tell it like it is,he has character, too bad only can be seen on HBO, no one else has the guts
    to give him his own show, what are they afraid of ???? THE TRUTH.
    I will help, what can I do  to get it done.

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