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French Fruit Flies

10.27.2008 · Posted in Editorials

Christopher Hitchens wrote: Last Friday, when, at a speech in Pittsburgh, Gov. Sarah Palin denounced wasteful expenditure on fruit-fly research, adding for good xenophobic and anti-elitist measure that some of this research took place “in Paris, France” and winding up with a folksy “I kid you not.”

We agree. However, this is the same Christopher Hitchens who once wrote such brillant anti-French prose “The rat that roared” – “There is of course another France—the France of Petain and Poujade and Vichy and of the filthy colonial tactics pursued in Algeria and Indochina.” – “French companies and the French state are owed immense sums of money by Saddam Hussein. We all very much hope that no private gifts to any French political figures have been made by the Iraqi Baath Party, even though such scruple on either side would be anomalous to say the very least.”  – “(Chirac) the vain and posturing and venal man who, attempting to act the part of a balding Joan of Arc, is making France into the abject procurer of Saddam. This is the case of the rat that tried to roar.”

How times have changed.

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  1. Onion Johnny says:

    Quant on lit ça, on a envie de citer les paroles d’un évêque célèbre, ayant baptisé le premier chef des mangeurs de brie capituleurs : “Courbe la tête, fier Sicambre ! Adore ce que tu as brûlé, brûle ce que tu as adoré !” Ces journalistes… Après nous avoir descendus en flammes, voilà que ces petits chéris voudraient bouffer du républicain ! Enfin ça fait toujours marrer…

  2. Fruit fly is one of the most studied organisms in biological research, particularly in genetics. They are studied in Paris as well as Stanford, Tokyo, NYC or Beijing.
    I guess they dont teach this in creationism class in Alaska.

  3. Barney hasn't left the building says:

    That particular study is taking place in Montpellier, France. Not Paris.
    I guess the moronic Sarah Pallin didn’ want to embarass herself any further by trying to pronounce Montpellier.

  4. Barney hasn't left the building says:


    Hors sujet: En pleine actualité sur la crise financière, Bremner s’est offert un petit trip sur Vichy, comme tout bon francophobe qui se respecte l’a fait avant lui. Comme toujours dans ses billets, Bremner est subtil et son bashing n’est pas évident mais comme toujours avec Bremner il laisse ses habitués se charger de la basse besogne.  Ce qui nous donne une bonne cinquantaine de posts haineux avec les poncifs de cowardice, shame etc…

    Bremner travaillant pour Murdoch, il n’y a rien d’anormal à tout cela. Ce qui est plus inquiétant c’est que ce type soit souvent invinté en tant que consultant étranger à la télé française. A gerber….

    ps: hi, SuperFrenchie.

  5. Jean-Paul says:

    Cette obsession américaine de Vichy est assez curieuse si on se rappelle que le gouvernement américain avait d’excellente relation avec le gouvernement de Vichy, qu’il a même sérieusement trainé les pieds pour reconnaître très tardivement celui de la France libre, et qu’il a de surcroît même influencé les décisions du Maréchal Pétain. Visiblement Roosevelt préférait clairement Pétain à de Gaulle.

  6. Jean-Paul says:

    excuses bien entendu pour la faute d’orthographe “d’excellentes relations”

  7. André Wernesson says:


    Just remember, the fight goes on! Freedy will get you in your sleep!

  8. André Wernesson says:

    Marc, I think one of my posts has gone to spam hell.

  9. Hello all – Sorry for the lack on interaction from myself lately, been very busy over at EnAmerique.com. André I’ll check !

  10. Awesome animation !

  11. André Wernesson says:

    The framerate is too low, and I didn’t colour it — but if I’d beefed up the animation too much, the animated gif would have been too large…

  12. Excellent cartoon by André Wernesson!

  13. The only reason why I tolerate Hitchens today is because he’s endorsed Obama. After the election, I’ll put him back where he belongs: into the thrash can.

  14. Barney hasn't left the building says:

    I like how Hitchens mentions Poujade.  As if Republicans were any better.

    And Poujade ? That’s kind of a weird attack. Who does Hitchens think Poujade was exactly ?
    They hate us for Poujade now ? That’s rich.

  15. Sarah Palin faliure : A Canadian comedy duo called The Masked Avengers from CKOI 96.9 FM in Montreal, Quebec pranked Sarah Palin, convincing her (and her team) they were receiving a call from French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

  16. Barney hasn't left the building says:


    How can someone who has lived in France for years have the same perspective on France as some ignorant redneck addicted to Fox News ?
    Are prejudices so powerful that sometimes you can’t even get over them even if your eyes show you a different picture every day ?

  17. André Wernesson says:

    Methinks she’s mildly retarded. In what way is a Parisian banlieue worse than the Baltimore ghetto? I’ve been in both. At night. I choose the banlieue.

  18. Barney hasn't left the building says:

    She’s restricted access to her her blog to guests only.
    She couldn’t take all those French people criticising her crap anymore, I guess.
    That was a quich admition of defeat followed by a shameful surrender.

  19. Speaking of idiotic American take on France, check out this You Tube video that’s featured in Daily Kos http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/11/3/21101/1112/469/641260

  20. Ooops, sorry about the embedding mess…

  21. André Wernesson says:

    God, that video was stupid.

    I could take it as irony if it were only the “democracy” issue; it the “stink” part I can’t stomach.

  22. André Wernesson says:

    “McCain concedes defeat, congratulates Obama”

    So why don’t they say he SURRENDERED, eh? If i was a French politician, there wouldn’t be a newspaper in all the US that wouldn’t be cracking the surrender joke.

    Hey, and soon, when (thank God! It’s a pointless fight anyways…) Obama pulls the troops out of Iraq… Will anybody talk of surrender?


  23. Bonjour à toutes et à tous. Je vous ai un peu négligé ces derniers temps au profit d’EnAmerique.com qui a connu des succès sans précédent en matière de lectorat. Je continuerai de travailler davantage sur ce site que sur Miquelon.org – tout dépendant de l’actualité. Avec la fin du régime Bush et son manichéisme politique, la francophobie sera désormais un artefact sociétal au lieu d’être une des principes du pouvoir en place.

  24. Barney hasn't left the building says:

    Excuse nous pour avoir dévié du topic initial comme ça, Miquelon.

  25. Ce n’est pas un problème à priori à partir du moment ou tout le monde respecte la charte. D’ailleurs votre discussion est tout à fait intéressante, quoi de plus difficile que de tenir un blog de manière objective ?

  26. All [SF vs Barney] discussions have been moved to a private thread.

  27. I have to say that your blog is pretty cool. If you could add a few more videos I would really appreciate it!

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