Twix and « François »

It’s just another day in American advertising and time of course for some renewed French Bashing. The commercial we discovered is an online interactive video where some guy tries to get Deborah back to his apartment, but the user must make choices to help events go the right way.

Hurdle number three is a chance meeting between “Diborah” and her former lover, a self-sufficient, beret wearing arrogant Frenchman named François.

This commercial reminds us once again that in eyes of Hollywood (and America’s creative forces), that the French are a Foreign Lesion

Mars North America is the parent company that produces m&m’s, Snickers, Twix, Musketeers, Skittles, Starburst and many other products.

See the commercial at and if you wish to send feedback use their contact form. Please be polite and informative.

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  1. Look, america.
    You can’t complain about anti-americanism in France while you’re still, even though most of you know better, portraying us as arrogant berert-wearing snobs (let alone your other favorites: smelly and cowardly).

    Respect is not a one way street.

  2. “Strange how the “loser” is never Italian or Hispanic…”

    Oh yes, they also are the brunt of a lot of bashings in America — in the form of sordid jokes and political attacks but on the whole, I believe this zeroing in on the French has become more pronounced because of France’s opposition to the US unjustified and illegal invasion of and war on Iraq.

  3. I’m going to send an email to Twix and Mars (and also boycott their products, a good way to lose weight. It is a well-known sociological fact that racism and xenophobia, and ultimately violence, start with jokes like this, by dehumanizing a whole group of people based on some feature. It is literally vital that we make sure these jokes don’t spread and go unpunished.

  4. …by the way the commercial is also very sexist. “Get the girl”… So women are objects that you “get”? Is this how Twix want us to see the world? I am fed up with these people who have no respect for women and minorities, who think that any cliche will help them sell more. Boycott Mars and Twix. Save money, live a healthier life.

  5. Huzzah!

    And anyhow, that “Frenchman” is absolutely ludicrous. You get arrogant, stupid pseudo-intellectuals with bohemian looks and stupid beards everywhere in Europe…

    … Speaking of which, as a resident of the city of Barcelona, I must voice my discontent at the new Woody Allen film, whatsitsname. I’m sick and tired of Spain in general and Barcelona in particular being portrayed as some sort of blend of South America and Sicily, with passionate, tropical women and your typical latin pimp who screws all the tourist girls.

    The consequence of this is that more and more “sex tourists” show up, acting rude and thinking this is some banana republic.

    P.S.: On an aside note, I don’t enjoy living in Barcelona. It’s not a “nice” city to live in, as most urbanistic projects affect the “showcases” (Diagonal, passeig de grácia, &c…) and not where people actually live.

  6. Apparently the inept Twix commercial has triggered a series of hostile comments over the Internet:

    Also, it seems that Twix, and its mother company, Mars co, are not very concerned about animal happiness, according to PETA:

    Let’s spread the word, let’s make sure that the Twix advertising team regrets insulting women and foreigners.

  7. #7 freerepublic is one the most francophobic forum on the net.
    They also hate, liberals, gays, muslims and evryone they see as different.

  8. Are you people for real??  It is a joke…..This is the most stupid list of comments I have read in a long time. Think back about 50-60 years when the the USA was a better place to live. The French did stink and the women were inferior and we all got along just fine. Now with all you liberal types and gays and lesbos trying to rule the world, the world is a crap hole.  There has to be something better for you to do than complain about a Twix commercial. Go save the whales, hug a tree, clean up a land fill, stop global warming, free all of the zoo animal, plant a flower etc. I am sure that I missed a ton of wackey stuff that means nothing you can do.    By the way it isn’t a right to  “not be insulted”. Live with it you crazy fools.

  9. #9

    “The French did stink and the women were inferior”

    10 Euros that guy will tell us he’s a francophile in his next comment.

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