Self-Hating Winemaker or Astute Business Plan?

Les Domaines Paul Mas is an estate located on the hills bordering the Hérault Valley in Languedoc in southern France. Jean-Claude Mas, a fourth generation winemaker is the current manager of the Domaines Paul Mas and the creator of a Cabernet Merlot called nothing less than “Arrogant Frog”.

Some may find the move brilliant, a great advertising ploy rich with self-deprecation. No doubt they will call the label “tongue-in-cheek” and give it plenty of attention. But the fundamental question remains: should French Business espouse the lexicon of Anti-French attitudes, prejudice and slurs?

Will the “Arrogant Frog” label open new avenues in the post-French Bashing era, or will it simply perpetuate nasty stereotypes that we – French Expatriates – have fought so hard to abolish?

Marc St Aubin du Cormier
St-Pierre et Miquelon

Les Domaines Paul Mas
Château de Conas – F34120 Pezenas

6 Replies to “Self-Hating Winemaker or Astute Business Plan?”

  1. Franchement je ne sais pas, je pense que ça tient plus d’une forme extrême d’autodérision, et en somme, c’est une moquerie du stéréotype… Ou bien une des forme les plus abouties du mépris : faire de l’argent avec la bêtise des autres.

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