French Bashing Channel Losing Ground

The so-called “fair and balanced” news channel, world famous for its frequent and incessant French Bashing, is losing ground and relevancy in America. The channel has been the focus point of a number controversies lately, including Bill O’Reilly’s astonishment over the civility of the patrons of a Harlem restaurant and his comments over starting a “lynching party” against Michelle Obama. These and other controversies are for some, including Time Magazine, signs of a growing irrelevancy in today’s political post-Bush landscape.

“Fox is still the top-rated news channel, but there are signs it’s plateauing. Its ratings started to lag in 2006, and in February, CNN’s prime time beat Fox among 25-to-54-year-olds for the first time since 2001. (…) But for better or for worse, Fox became the signal cultural artifact of the Bush era, so it will need to remodel itself again.” Read the full article at

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