Glenn Beck’s French Problem readers are familiar with Glenn Beck’s profound Anti-French bias. We wrote to Glenn back in September when he aired a ridiculous montage in a segment where he professed his “hatred” for the French. Well, Glenn is now accusing Democrats of being “French”, his now preferred substitution for the word Surrender.
It’s time to voice your concerns once again

* Glenn Beck “Contact Us” Form at CNN
* General comments for CNN / Headline News

Ken Jautz
President, CNN Headline News
Phone: (404) 878-5633

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
One CNN Center
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Phone: (404) 827-1700

Remember – Christopher Achorn (blog), of Searsport, Maine has begun a petition to get Glenn Beck Fired. We at, encourage our readers, who are American Citizens, to sign this petition. Please mention his Anti-French comments.

Marc St Aubin du Cormier

3 Replies to “Glenn Beck’s French Problem”

  1. Is there any way to send a critic to this man for his last show, in a way that it could be seen by everyone ?

    by the way… Thank you for defending us 😉

  2. Thanks Beren – There isn’t much we can do about Beck except document, document and document. He’s lost every single one of his advertisers for other statements, the French thing is just the icing on the cake with Beck.

    You’re welcome ! 🙂

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