A Few Items of Interest from Borat to Google Bombs

The Heyday of Snobbery – One of our astute readers noted that David Brooks wrote an article, back in November, centred around the movie Borat, where he stigmatized those whose “jokes heap scorn on the sorts of people who are guaranteed not to be in the room” – We tried to find a similar article from 2003, from the same author, about the way the French were ridiculed as a people and a culture, but alas, we found nothing. Thank you F. W. for this item.

Flirting With Fascism on CNN Headline News – Another of our eagle-eyed readers picked up on an article by the Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting Website. The focus of FAIR’s ire? None other than Glenn Beck, the only commentator to actually say on air, how much he HATES the French. Thank you J. E. for this item.

Miserable Failure – One of our long time readers and friends also wrote to use to tell us about a New-York Times article about action that was taken by Google to remove the “Miserable Failure” link to President Bushs’ biography at the White House Web site. The link between the words “Miserable Failure” and George Bushs’ biography was a classic Google-bomb designed by bloggers. Matt Cutts, head of the Google Webspam team, told the press he wanted to correct this issue so that users of the search engine would not assume this Google-bomb was Google’s opinion.

However, the article also mentioned another infamous Google-bomb, Albino Black Sheeps’ “French military victories” created in 2003 by Toronto based Steven Lerner, yet Google does not seem to have any plans to remove this prank anytime soon. Are we to assume this prank is Google’s opinion? Thanks to G. M. for this story.

SuperFrenchie – Our friend Denis Chazelle has been quite busy over at SuperFrenchie.com exposing the hypocrisy and bigotry of Joe Klein, Joe Scarborough’s flights of fancy and historical inaccuracies, Jonah Goldberg’s admissions (The French were right…) and finally but certainly not least – Jay Leno’s change of heart over French Bashing! Did we succeed?

Marc St Aubin du Cormier