Bill O’Reilly Still Boycotting France: Wine Sales on the Rebound

Bill O’Reilly, editor in chief of the “Paris Business Review” (a non-existent publication) seems to be out of synch with Americans on the topic of France and French Wine.
His latest jibe against the French was aired just last night:

“Most Ridiculous Item of the Day – Did you know that Halloween is a $5 billion industry in the USA, second only to Christmas in consumer sales? And the Eve of All Hallows has now spread to many other countries.

But France is rethinking the trick-or-treat situation. According to the magazine “Le Monde,” the French have begun to reject Halloween because of the rise of anti-American feeling in that nation.

And that’s fine with me. I’m still boycotting France.

Besides how would you like to say Bon-bons ou batons all night long? That’s “trick-or-treat” in Francais. Bon-bons ou batons, bon-bons ou batons.

Ridiculous? You make the call.” – Source: FoxNews

According to Le Monde, Halloween is indeed passé in France. After a brief interest in the late 90s, the newly found tradition seems to be waning in France.

However, it is not Le Monde who claims the rejection is tied to Anti-Americanism, but Benoît Pousset, president of a novelty and toy company César. Pousset also claims the lack of interest in Halloween may also be due to the fact the Catholic Church has found new ways to celebrate All Saints Day.

But Le Monde’s article also warns against those who want to bury Halloween a little too quickly: many night clubs, centers and even Euro Disney continue to celebrate Halloween with much success.

Meanwhile, MarketWatch featured an article titled “French wines regaining popularity” in the American Market : “There was some anti-French sentiment but you just can’t get away from good wine,” said Joe Pat Clayton, the sommelier at Tony’s, a restaurant in Houston. “And when you have wine that is hailed as the vintage of the century — like one is every 10 years — people see it as an investment and as lasting quality.”

Bill O’Reilly, wrong on all counts. Are we surprised?

Marc St Aubin du Cormier
Merci à Arnaud