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Freedom Fries™?

09.26.2006 · Posted in Editorials

No, this is not an HTML typo. Believe it or not, there are multiple active Freedom Fries™ trademarks recorded with the American Registry. Who you may ask?

This pathetic attempt at marketing one of the most childish episodes in Congress’s History can only be met with bemusement and astonishment. For those who do not remember the gentlemen behind “Freedom Fries”? They were Bob Ney of Ohio and Walter Jones of North Carolina. While Water Jones voiced regret (“I wish it had never happened”), former Congressman Ney has been busy dealing with corruption charges …

Source: Makenbusiness – Farce over American ‘Freedom Fries’ and a Trademark Consequence

4 Responses to “Freedom Fries™?”

  1. […] by a pro-war Republican names Joe McLaughlin. Jones won the primary by 20 points, and despite his repentance, is constantly associated with that epithet. Freedom fries now seem to have become a politically […]

  2. Congratulations, US of A, on succeedig in dropping the FB level back down to (nearly) well-guarded !

    Let’s not let the terrorists win, and so on !

  3. […] it’s Rep. Walter Jones, Jr. (NC). The man responsible for the French-baiting “freedom fries” fiasco [has] evolved into a thoughtful conservative critic of foreign warmongering, marking his […]

  4. […] a move to rename French Fries to Freedom Fries in a bid to protest France’s opposition to the war : Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio), Rep. Walter Jones […]

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