Ask Yahoo!: the French have 50 different words for “surrender”

When G.J. from Weston Florida asked Yahoo! if it was true that “Eskimos have over a hundred works for snow”, Yahoo responded as follows : “Dear G.J.: We’ve heard this story too. Or maybe it was that joke about how the French have 50 different words for “surrender” (only kidding). But seriously folks, after sniffing around for an answer, we’re confident this is just an urban legend, albeit one with a grain of truth.”
Is this really how they view France and the French at the Internet’s number one website? Of course, they’re only joking…

It’s your turn to ask Yahoo! some questions, we suggest asking those below, or contact Media Relations.

Yahoo! Media Relations Manager : 415-345-4793.

Our message to Ask Yahoo!

Dear Ask Yahoo!

We are offended by the comments posted under “Ask Yahoo!” on Monday May 15th : the French have 50 different words for “surrender”.

We demand a full apology and that sanctions be taken against the person or persons who wrote this answer for “Ask Yahoo!”. Ref :

  • Does Yahoo believe French Bashing is funny?
  • Does Yahoo believe the French are Cowards?
  • Is it Yahoo policy to insult and denigrate entire cultures and countries?
  • Is it Yahoo policy to propagate cultural and ethnic stereotypes?

PS: the word “Eskimo” is offensive to the Inuit…


Ask Yahoo! Changes entry…

Thank you dear readers of, you’ve done it again! Yahoo very quietly changed the entry this morning. We’re still waiting for the apology …

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