Alex Kaseberg won’t talk to us!

Who really is Alex Kaseberg ? According to his blog, he claims to be a Comedy Writer. According to other sources, he is either a joke writer for a late night show or a freelancing “comedian”.
Probably working under a pseudonym (he is not listed anywhere on IMDB), Alex feels he can publish just about anything he wants on his blog, including comments like “The Olympic downhill winner was France’s Antoine Deneraiz. It wasn’t really fair how they got the French guy to win. Before the race started they told Antoine the German army was marching up the other side of the mountain.”

We contacted Alex Kaseberg over two weeks ago, we have yet to receive a response. We only wanted to send him the link to a website that houses 1.3 million files : one for each French soldier who died in World War I.

Marc St-Aubin du Cormier