Our open letter to Tucker Carlson

Dear Tucker,

I was alerted by one of my many readers that you and your guest Max Kellerman recently made a few disparaging comments about the French on your show dated June 21st 2005.

When I read the transcript of the show, I was somewhat disappointed that a commentator of your stature, and your guest, indulged in such cheap shots. I strongly believe that your characterisation of the French in general through the comments made on your show are tantamount to French-Bashing.

“You hire French waiters—and you should—you know you’re going to get people who drink on the job and who make obscene gestures habitually.  That’s what you’re getting”

“The idea that you hire French waiters with the expectation that they will stay sober, be polite, and work hard is silly from the very beginning. ”

Lazy, drunk and rude.

Such stereotypes you would not dare utter about any other nationality or culture on American television. Would you dare say that about visible or linguistic minorities ? Why ? Because you would suffer the wrath of lobbies, organizations and such. The shackles of political correctness have drastically reduced the number of easy targets in the realm of diatribe, you no longer can make jokes or make pot-shots are many minorities in your country.

But because French citizens in America are not organized to pressure any politicians or media personalities, you believe like your colleagues before you that the French constitute an easy target and in some way act as a safety valve for your desire to make such comments in general.

We expect an apology from you and your guest,
Yours sincerely,
– Marc St Aubin du Cormier