Mark Hyman & Sinclair Broadcasting

Sinclair Broadcasting has cropped up once again in the news media over plans to air the virulent Anti-Kerry documentary “Stolen Honor”. Sinclair Broadcasting runs and operates 62 television stations accross the United-States including several ABC stations.

Six months ago, this same broadcaster banned its affiliates from carrying Ted Koppel’s Nightline special edition during which he read the name of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq.

But what is most worrisome, from our point of view, are ethnic slurs made by Mark Hyman, who time and time again has been known to refer to the French as “cheese-eating surrender monkeys”.

Mark Hyman is Sinclair’s Broadcasting vice president of corporate relations, and stars in his own nightly segment called “The Point” which is required content on affiliate’s local news broadcasts.

Please let your feelings be known by contacting Sinclair Broadcasting.

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Mark Hyman: [email protected]

(1) Sinclair Broadcasting once stated that “[they] do not believe political statements should be disguised as news content”. Policy statement, Sinclair Broadcasting, April 2004.