Anti-Chirac rhetoric is now an integral part of George W. Bush’s election campaign.

The 2004 Presidential election campaign is well underway across the United States and the telltale signs of a deeply divided America are everywhere. As George W. Bush and John Kerry are locked in a fierce battle for the American presidency, the rhetoric is getting louder and nastier than ever.

While Bush is busy attacking Kerry, his carefully orchestrated appearances contain an element of Anti-French politics. Not surprisingly, Bush defers these international salvoes to entertainers and comedians who warm up his crowds.
The latest Anti-Chirac comment has come from Bush’s friend, White House slumber party pal and country music performer Larry Gatlin, who, during a rally in LeClaire park in Davenport, Iowa declared : “No matter what Jacques Chirac says, we’re not the bad guys.”

Irrespectful of truth, this comment was solely crafted for the benefit of Bush’s crowd and reveals once again that the Anti-French campaign of 2003 was orchestrated from the highest levels of the Administration.

Marc St Aubin du Cormier