Dennis Miller Live & French Bashing

Political lightweight Dennis Miller might still consider running for the US Senate, but in the meanwhile when not rehearsing with his chimp Mowgli, the comedian now performs his routine before George W. Bush’s appearances as in Ashwaubenon Wisconsin.

A year ago, Dennis Miller was the most outspoken comedian who indulged in downright vulgar, mostly offensive Anti-French “comedy”.

No stranger to flogging the proverbial dead horse, Miller still believes in spewing his vintage Anti-French diatribe. During his show, on July 15th 2004, Miller apologized for a comment he made the day before about the citizens of Arkansas, and without a pause he went on another of his Anti-French rants.

“And in case you couldn’t smell it, yesterday was France’s independence day, also known as Bastille Day when the French overthrew the monarchy, it was the last time its citizens did anything that involved having balls. America has covered more French ass that Yves St Laurent.

So wake up and Smell the café au lait Jean-Claude Appeasement, you owe us your allegiance for single-handedly uncorking Hitler’s jackboot from your pastry ripened rectal flange. Next time the Sauerkrauts want to show you how big and scary their frankfurters are, drop a dime on a country that gives a merde.

Oh and by the way, thanks for the statue, it only took us two years to grind the armpit hair off OK? And speaking of people who raise a stink, Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 would never been the hit it is today without the wide eye fawning send-off the French gave it at Cannes. Moore celebrated Bastille Day by storming a Cold Stone Creamery by the way, Viva la Oreo Pieces.

You know the motto of the French Revolution was Liberté Égalité Fraternité. Now France’s motto should be “Retreat Surrender and Grab your ankles”. And in case you didn’t get It, I don’t hate the French, I hate Jacques Chirac and the Cirque de Sore Losers.”

This partial transcript of Miller’s rant reveals nothing more than his trademark hatred of all things French and the worst kind of stereotypes about the French people. Protected by Free Speech, his hate mongering and historical revisionism does not reflect well on CNBC and its affiliates.

Marc St Aubin du Cormier

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