Who was behind the infamous “The Complete Military History of France” ?

Who was behind the infamous blog/email/usenet troll known as “The Complete Military History of France” ?

The so-called Complete Military History of France seems to have been first written by the bloggers from “Silflay Hraka” on 19th January 2003. Silflay Hraka is a North Carolina Site run by a trio with nicknames like Bigwig, Kehaar and Woundwort. Two of these bloggers seem to be tech/support staff at a local NC newspaper and UNC, the third is a professor at a local Christian university in Elon North Carolina.

The appearance of this document on usenet did not happen until a Florida teacher, once a former US army officer, posted an abridged document on a website on February 6th 2003. The post was then copied and forwarded by someone named Rinaldi at Michigan University to seattle.politics. In the next number of days, the document was cross posted to hundreds of other usenet groups. Since then the document has been copied to hundreds of blogs.

The question none has bothered to ask, is where did this document really come from?

All of these bloggers reside in an area that is a short drive away from Fort Bragg, home of the 4th Psychological Unit, but that is probably only a coincidence…