Marine Corps Officials endorse Chirac Bashing

The website headed by K. Cody of Hammonton New Jersey is the latest attempt at making a quick buck by selling a “political” deck of cards.

The trend began with the DoD’s official Deck of most wanted Iraqi Officials and was quickly followed by many imitations including Newsmax’s so-called Deck of Weasels.

The serious problem with this latest arrival on the scene of political paraphernalia was picked up by Bryant Jordan news editor for the Marine Corps Times in Springfield, Virginia: “The “Unwanted” deck is the creation of two active-duty Marine officers, and what’s dangerous is that the Marine Corps is winking at their sale and distribution. According to a Marine spokesman, the Corps’ Judge Advocate General reviewed the matter and determined that “the actions of the individuals did not require any further action.” Basically, this means that the two officers have the Corps’ blessing to hold up to public ridicule and scorn members of Congress who are opposed to the war in Iraq. ”

Consequently we can now safely say those Marine Corps officials officially sanction Chirac-Bashing. This latest development in the general French-Bashing affaire reveals the profound and deep-rooted antipathy held by members of the US Army.

One needs to contrast this story with the smear campaign organized by the White House against Canadian-born correspondent for ABC News Jeffrey Kofman. Having filed a report on the plummeting troop morale in Iraq, Kofman became a target of the American Administration via the Drudge Report.

The message to US troops is clear:

  • Criticize the Administration and you will be sanctioned, those who help you voice your opinion will be smeared.
  • Criticize anyone who opposed the War, including foreign Heads of State, and you get a “blank cheque”…