and French Bashing

Christopher Ruddy, the former New York Post reporter who fuelled an industry of conspiracy buffs dedicated to the theory that Vince Foster was murdered, was my debating counterpart on Alan Colmes’ Fox News Radio program on Thursday May 8th.

Christopher Ruddy is now Editor in Chief of the website that recently apologized for running an e-mail article claiming there was a “Shuttle Cover-up?”. has relentlessly published countless articles that are not so much based on fact but opinion. is to the Right what is to the Left.

Newsmax’s Columnists include Reed Irvine, Michael Savage, Bill O’Reilly and Mike Gallagher. The company generates most of its revenue from sales of politically oriented merchandise.

Newsmax has been leading the France Bashing campaign with its “Boycott Cowardly France” advertising on many websites including the Drudge Report.

Anti-French activity is ‘Cash Cow’ for, so it came as no surprise at everything stands for was balked at by Christopher Ruddy.

It was great fun debating the France-Bashing issue with Christopher, and thanks again to Alan Colmes!